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Monday, February 25, 2008

.:Happy 21st Birthday to Me:.

Being childish for all these long, i never expect to be 21y-o today; 25th Feb. (21yo is quite old for me). Last night (on 25th Feb eve), i celebrated my bday with most of my friends (about 50 of them). Among all food that i'm able to cook, i opted for bihun tomyam as the main dish. Some people ask me last night, where did i get that big amount of bihun, either from malaysia or somewhere else. well people, it's from the rinak (pasar je). heheh. only few people know about a shop in rinak that sells most of asian food. Besides bihun, i also made my typical double layer egg jelly; a stereotype for occasions hosted by me. haha. and not to be forgotten, i also made steamed crabsticks with sesame and sauces.haha. like i said to all my guests, this meal is cheap but looks extravagant. Later you'll see their pictures. Thanks to fadzil (he made a special cake for me, thanks!), shahrin, ikhu and ammar (thanks for voguish pineapple jelly) for being so helpful.

Thanks to those who came last night. It was a great night for me personally. well, i'm so elated last night because some of my friends (ili,fadzil and ammar) gave me a Calvin Klein sling bag.wow! thanks guys. thanks also 201 n geng for the p&b shirt,202 for the chocolate cake, 205 also for chocolate cake (FYI, there were 4 cakes last night), ikhu n sha for the danish's and quite funny to mention this; pepsi max by wani and mekti.haha. and thanks shahrin for the computer RAM. i really appreciate those gifts.

Well, that's all for now. I have russian language session (a merely "listening" class for me.boredom shall conquer me within that session.uuhh) 1 hour from now. so people, ciao.

hamachi (though they r crabs) of my style.

fadzil's creation.
some of the guests. others boys were in the next room.
[fatini n geng]'s creation.


shahrin salleh said...

happy birthday, din. may Allah swt bless u

Anonymous said...

salam..hopefully im nt the last..happy birthday judin,semoga panjang umo,murah rezeki dn diberkati Allah selalu..hv a great year ahead!..=]

Hafizuddin Awang said...

thanks to both of you up there.kekeke. :)

fattnieniey said...

happy birthday juding!!
kiki.kalah kek kami ngan kek fadzil.ciss!

Hafizuddin Awang said...

thanks fer. no la.urs pon sama hebat. susah tau nak bleh buat mcm yg korg buat tu. memrlukan kesabaran yg tinggi tau utk siapkan kek tu. hehe.


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