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Sunday, March 16, 2008

.:OVERpaid Pizza:.

Last night, we (Ili, Shahrin and I) went to Pizza Hut in Юго-Западная (South East of Moscow) to have our dinner. Well, it's weekend,we're too lazy to cook at home. Entering the restaurant, I noticed that nobody was in there except a waiter at his reception desk. At first, I thought the restaurant was about to close, but then the waiter asked us to have our seats. God! There was nobody there except us. We felt so satisfied for having the whole room. Initially, it was quiet (i mean no music because typically most restaurants would play some music) in there because nobody was there before that, but after we took our seats, music began to play.

A waitress came and give us the menu lists. We ordered some pastas, 2 types of pizza, soup, potato wedges, salads and one pitcher of carbonated drink. Few minutes later, she came and served us with our drinks. Then she came again to give my pasta to me. Unfortunately, I lost grip of the plate and it accidentally slid toward Ili's glass, and the glass broke apart. Huh, what a fragile,low-grade thing! I bet it costed only 10 roubles. The waitress calmly (i hope so.) cleaned our table and gave us a new glass. Hmm, maybe she forgave me (i thought).

We finished our pizzas and asked for bill. We read the bill and we noticed something at the bottom of the list. OH MY GOD!!!

"1 СТЕКЛО..............200 РУБ"

It was the glass! 1 glass for 200 roubles! (with 200rub, i can afford to buy 8-pieces of Onigara Maki at Planeta Sushi!) OoooOOO...what a dining out. After all, it was my mistake. So, i reluctantly paid the cost. (Jgn cari pasal la kat negara orang ni. Tak pasal masuk penjara la aku. huhuhu...~) I swore to myself that i will never ever come here again....(well not just because of the glass incident, but also because there is a new grander affordable Japanese restaurant (called Maki-Maki) right beside Pizza Hut. So, to Pizza Hut, please don't expect me to eat again at your place because Maki-Maki is much more tempting than you. hehehe.


shahrin salleh said...

salam wbt
melayang 200rr. hehe. pepun, nice layout~

Anonymous said...

hehe..no wonder the restaurant was empty..maybe u weren't the 1st victim..nvr mind, at least after this u get the right place to eat out..200rb,too much for a low quality glass huh?hehe..btw,nice post and layout..=]

Anonymous said...

sian kat juden..

Hafizuddin Awang said...

shahrin: putih mata aku malam tu tgk duit aku terbang camtu je.

kamil: aku takdela nak mintak restoran tu bankrap. tp mintak2 ranap trus bangunn tu pasni cam aku ranapkan gelas dia.hahah (kejamnya...tak baik!).

anonymous: trima kasih utk simpati anda. huhu~.

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

sabar la ye judin.

moral: rajin2kanlah diri masak kt rmh je lain kali. hihik

Anonymous said...

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